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  • Steve Schweter
    Steve Schweter

    Hi guys,

    i just found that great program -> i was a bit disappointed using nero 7 ... it takes too long to burn anything because of the huge ide ...

    I am not sure if bwg is available in other languages ... but if not i can translate it into german ...

    I have a vs 2005 pro ide ( soon a standard version, because of the great msdn-solve project ;)

    If you are interested please let me know !

    Btw: i am using a freecom drive based on a nec nd-1300a ( recently burned an audio cd -> no errors, is playign great :))


    • tblu

      Hi, I could translate it into Italian.
      Please let me know how to translate it.

    • white lily
      white lily

      I'd also appreciate localisation. Could offer German, too.

      Did anyone reply via private messages to the precvious postings? Is there a translation available anywhere? Or a how-to?

    • Jack Griffin
      Jack Griffin

      I have made some effort to internationalize the program, but have not really followed through.  If someone is willing to translate into German, push forward with this effort.  I must say that my real job keeps my really busy these days so it will not go forward at too quick a pace.