buzztard project status 01/05/2009


Lots of testing and small improvements again. Besides the usual valgind sessions
I tried the LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer [1]. There are some annoying warnings, but
lots of correct one too. Most of them were nothing major, but this is a good
tool to follow. I also got more feedback from the NetBSD packages and worked on
my Maemo port. This resulted in a couple of portability fixes and dependency

With the testing came also many small but nice fixes and improvements. E.g.
stereo wavetable support was incomplete and is now working fine. The pattern
editor got many improvements like entering wave-table numbers, note-off support.
Finally "play notes" is fully done. Latency is a bit better also. With latest
pulsesink in gst-plugins-good git its actually quite okay (thanks wtay!).

The buzzmachines module has more machines ported, I have started to add demo
songs and preset files. This needed some update in the gstreamer plugin too.
Under windows the plugins, presets and help is all crammed into one dir. I have
split it to have docs and presets under share and not in lib.

Thanks for help on gobject-introspection irc channel, bindings start to work.
I have a javascript example that plays songs. Major obstacle was to get the js
syntax right. The python sample does still not work. I hope it will after this
summer of code.

I also reviewed and extended the user-docs. This version finally becomes
usable :) Will do the strings freeze and pre-release tarballs this month.

Have fun,

buzztard core developer team


Posted by Stefan Sauer 2009-05-10