buzztard project status 02/12/2008


We're heading for a release. There is a few more features that we'd like to
finalize. Then its time for testing and this is were *you* can help.
Featurewise buzztard improved nicely this month. I improved stereo support.
We now have new look for the wires. They show animated volume levels and
panorama positions. Both volume and panorama can be adjusted via popup-sliders.I
like this a lot more that how it works in buzz. There it was a bit confusing in
some cases (not clearly indicating which connections a panorama setting would
affect). As an extra bonus, buzztard does stereo balance on stereo connections.

I also updated the buzz song importer to make use and correctly import panorama
and volume. Now also the master-volume is mapped to the scale used in buzztard.

FSM worked on the pattern widget. It supports variable cursor stepping (going
down several lines at once) and selection. I added column/group/all insert and
delete actions.

Finally Waffel wrote a jhbuild module set for buzztard [1].

buzztard core developer team


Posted by Stefan Sauer 2008-02-07