buzztard project status 01/08/2007


Quite late this month. Our son was born on the 26 of July and this of course
causes some priority shift. Be assure I won't abandon then project. Also
berzerka is back and started hacking on midi control support. Speaking of this,
I did a needed refactoring of the interaction-controller stuff. Controller
assignments wont disappear when closing the dialog anymore and they are now also saved with the song and restored when loading. I also implemented unbind and
unbind-all commands.
One TODO item is greater ui state persistence [1]. When loading the song should
appear as you left it. One more item for this is done, the active tab is saved.
This is a relative easy one for people that would like to help.

Our testing buildbot is now again up and running. The system had a faulty
battery, which made the clock run way too fast. In seconds the clock was minutes
ahead. I used the occasion to refactor a lot of dialogs into separate classes.
This allows to write some basic unit tests for those and do automated
screenshots as well. Together with some more regular tests, this greatly
increased test coverage. It of course uncovered bugs which we fixed.

As a final step I started with song rendering ui. The ui is not perfect yet, but
it starts to work. It looks like I can prepare a 0.3 quite soon. Yay!

buzztard core developer team


Posted by Stefan Sauer 2007-08-12