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Buzzsearch 3.2 Released

This is mostly a (long overdue) bugfix update to Buzzsearch - if everything's working fine for you, there's really no reason to update.

Version 3.2 no longer uses Buzzsearch-SmbClientParser, thanks to the new "greppable" output option in Samba 3. Needless to say, Buzzsearch now requires Samba 3 to be installed. :)

Posted by Mike Rosack 2004-06-24

Buzzsearch 3.0 Released

After many months of procrastination, I've finally compiled a new release of Buzzsearch! Major improvements in version 3.0:

- FTP support
- SMB crawler is much, much faster
- Redesigned search interface
- Hopefully less bugs :)

Posted by Mike Rosack 2002-09-06

Buzzsearch 2.0 Released

The long delayed Buzzsearch 2.0 has been released, bringing it up to date with the multitude of advancements made to since January.

Posted by Mike Rosack 2002-03-07

All Buzzsearch Code Now Released!

With the release of Buzzsearch-Interface, all Buzzsearch code is now available! Also, Buzzsearch-Crawler was updated, adding restraints to the statistics graphing so the graph doesn't expand forever.

Posted by Mike Rosack 2001-11-09

Buzzsearch-Crawler 1.0 Released

I've cleaned up the code for the crawler portion of Buzzsearch, it's available for download now.

Posted by Mike Rosack 2001-11-08

Buzzsearch now on SourceForge!

I decided to open up the Buzzsearch code - enjoy. It'll gradually get uploaded to the CVS tree over the next few weeks as I have time to clean up the different modules.

Posted by Mike Rosack 2001-11-06