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Meh + Whatever = Code?

I'm getting used to this C++ coding job I have, starting to get that feeling I should be doing something more with my time.

That could mean it's nearly time to start up coding again. Android didn't turn out to be the mobile OS to rule them all, in fact with the amount of patent litigation surrounding it and the phones now, from a developer's point of view it's totally rigged.

So that will go on the back-burner. On the upside there's a possibility I may be involved in writing some educational software on Android for a charity that's associated with my new employer.... read more

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2011-10-28

Vermilion "Morbo" Released

Version 0.21 installer for Windows is released. Everyone else use SVN. New features are:

Thanks Csaba: Who has created the foundation of the Android GUI
New Machine: 7 band EQ machine, a very simple implementation
New Machine: Flembris machine, an FFT threshold effect for fun
Fixed Note offs for samples now work, for drum break action
Fixed Loading samples/songs with samples is really slow
Better autonaming of patterns on creation, planning for subtracks
Created basic FFT and IIR routines for creating filter machines
Created a base class for constant size chunk processing machines
Created a base class for FFT processing machines, in progress...
Tweaked icons and put master pattern at root of composition structure
Made better logging of first value changed detecting document changes

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2011-05-24

Vermilion "Melllvar" Released

Vermilion Desktop Composer v0.20 'Melllvar' is now available download as a Windows Installer. Other users may download the source/JARs/APKs from the SVN repository.

Vermilon Desktop Composer is a music composing application written entirely in Java. New features in this release include:

* New Features: Editstep and follow allow entry and recording of melodies
* New Feature: Implemented panning on envelopes, works in malady
* New Feature: Tempo command as test case for master command columns
* New Feature: Soloing machines and accompanying unmute all function
* New Feature: Sample bank now loads MP3 files for audio samples
* New Feature: MP3 audio sample loading, now looking at FLAC
* Now pushing only 32-bit Java on Windows install for lower latency
* Fixed copy paste not working on cues in master pattern
* You can now use Ctrl+Left/Right to jump between tracker columns
* Parameter readouts in the tracker panel (can) now come from the machine
* Autonaming new machines, auto generating PatternTrackObj names
* Tab ordering of the system plugins is now set at compile time
* Examined the role of the GUI in startup order of ops problems and restructured
* Provided more detail and better formatting in Javadocs for methods
* Fixed pattern/list doesn't update after changing pattern properties
* Fixed playing wrong sample type in sampler throws exception
* Fixed focus problems in pattern editor after create, switch tabs etc

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2011-04-12

Vermilion 0.19 Released

Vermilion Desktop Composer 0.19 is now available for Windows, Android, and in source code form.

There are many improvements and new features in this version, including:

* New Feature: Playback of notes while editing patterns
* New Feature: Mixer machine now has gain and clipping controls
* New Feature: Machines can now be individually muted
* New Feature: Machines show a VU-meter while they are playing
* New Feature: A track group is added by default to new patterns
* New Help: Advanced tutorial on how to use the Loop Delay
* Wire volume dot now snaps to middle if close to it, decreased the range
* The mouse is now moved back to the click location after using the dot
* Fixed test tone generation for audio threads on any platform
* Fixed cursor sometimes being left outside pattern when switching
* Introduced ExposedArrayList class for performance, profiled audio thread
* Hit numerous low-hanging TODOs within the code and streamlined main package
* Fixed Javadocs not being built into the Windows installation help dir
* Did away with master pattern ID, it is stored now on its own node
* Cues are now separate from params and have an index for quick decoding
* A number of big and small fixes/upgrades to the sample bank GUI
* Cached images loaded by the main window make-tb/-menu/-button methods
* Fixed some startup order issues, finality, and GUI redraw issues
* Centralised definitions of document codec type IDs to one file
* Created 'songs' directory, load and save ops now remember last dir
* Fixed confirming save after editing patterns or oscillator samples

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2011-03-20

Vermilion v0.18 Released

0.18 (Barely Legal)
New Feature: The loop delay now works if placed correctly
New Machine: Multiplier multiplies A and B channels
New Feature: Oscillator samples for use in Malady
New Feature: An exit button for Android :-)
Implemented drawing of stereo samples on screen
Fixed removing track groups from patterns
Fixed audio samples not being available on Android
Fixed saving actions both manual and automatic
Envelopes now have a (non-functioning) panning part
Envelopes now mix on the fly saving memory and CPU spikes
Reinstated first run actions and new version detection
Fixed removing machine not removing master tracks
Fixed setting of wire channel having no effect
Log files are now zipped and rotated to save space
Did some simple optimising of mixing routines
Sample length is now updated in list when editing
Moved handling machine coords to the GUI package
Fixed load, new doc etc. doesn't clear sample editor view
Fixed clear sample doesn't clear sample editor view
Fixed load, new, clear sample doesn't select the sample
Built javadocs up fresh, improved the detail of the docs
Fixed removing patterns not removing master cues
Catch crashes of of audio thread calls to plugins

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2011-02-27

Vermilion ANDROID Released

The very first version of Vermilion Desktop Composer for ANDROID has been released. This is a tweaked version of the upcoming v0.17 release for PC. The features that are working include plugins, file handling, sound playback, and guess what - it even plays the demo choon!

Features that are not working yet are sampled sound banks, and of course as yet, there is no GUI! Better integration with Android and handling some startup parameters will be coming soon.... read more

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2011-02-18

VDC v0.17 / Android Engine

Version 0.17 is nearly complete. One thing that is holding the release up is a lingering problem loading some plugins on Android. Sound output, file handling and loading of core systems is working however.

I hope to have a demo song playing on Android with this release, however if that takes too long, v0.17 will be released for PC in the next few weeks.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2011-02-13

Vermilion comes back, goes Android

As has been mentioned, some effort is being put into making Vermilion Desktop Composer run on Android devices.

This has caused a significant holdup in the development of Vermilion itself, however I am proud to finally present the updated code and improved installer.

There is some loss of functionality however this will be remedied over the coming releases. The version released is being called 0.16B, however again please note that there is LESS working functionality and I am returning the project's status to ALPHA.... read more

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2011-01-04

Release 17 is on HOLD

The project is undergoing a(nother) major restructure, to better allow the development of the Android version.

The release of version 17 will be delayed *at least* two weeks.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-11-29

Vermilion v0.15 Beta Released

Vermilion Desktop Composer has gone beta with version 0.15. Features and improvements in this version include:

Seeking and looping controls for the master timeline
Zooming and cutting controls for audio samples
Pattern off (stop) commands on master timeline
Completed switch to Java 7 SDK and NetBeans 6.9.1
Fixed operation of pageup/down at ends of pattern
Allowed setting the master timeline length
Improved timing accuracy to fix pattern off bug
Improved scrolling and resizing in the pattern table
Fixed saving cues after editing pattern info
Cleaned up and updated the help files and info
Fixed major audio problem with the oscillators
Reorganising of code, libraries and build scripts
Icons: upgraded, fixed, replaced and expanded
Removed Java 'OceanTheme' skin for cleaner GUI
Standardised the deinitialisation of plugins
Cleaned up code comments and easy TODOs

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-11-07

Vermilion v0.14 Major Release

Vermilion Desktop Composer v0.14 Alpha has been released. This is a major update including the following important new features:

* Saving output to a WAV file for reuse or archiving
* Envelope samples for use with the Malady
* Toolbar buttons for playback and file operations
* Numerous editing and fileformat bugs fixed
* Sample volume/tuning controls and Sampler improvements
* Other improvements to the sample bank
* Fixed small bug with file save dialog
* Tested and fixed file object versioning... read more

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-10-31

Vermilion Desktop Composer v0.12

Version 0.12 Alpha of Vermilion Desktop Composer has been released. This release addresses GUI issues and further refactoring of fundamental classes for an improved third-party coding experience.
Vermilion Desktop Composer is a desktop music production tool written in pure Java and providing similar functionality to programs like Buzz or Psycle.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-10-08

Vermilion Desktop Composer v0.11 Released

Version 0.11 alpha of Vermilion Desktop Composer has been released. This release addresses performance issues and bugs from all previous releases and is primarily a source code cleanup release.
Vermilion Desktop Composer is a desktop music production tool written in pure Java and providing similar functionality to programs like Buzz or Psycle.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-10-05

Vermilion Desktop Composer v0.11 Alpha

Version 0.11 Alpha is underway. The release will be a tidy up release focusing on the following things:

* Correct operation and usability of multiple tracks within machines
* Performance of the composer display, minimising overhead CPU
* Minimising overhead CPU usage of audio mixing routines
* Usability of the composer display, mouse actions, scrolling etc.
* Usability of TrackUtils for writing multi-track machines e.g. Sampler
* General reliability and clarity of the code and framework structure
* Code commenting and Javadoc API documentation cleanup... read more

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-09-24

Version 006 released as code

The massive rewrite is nearly complete. This includes breaking the project into multiple parts, tightening the code around event processing, and most the functionality of pattern/track management.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-07-20

New Windows Installer Released

An 003 Alpha version of Vermilion has been released as a Windows Installer. Windows users not interested in Java development can use this stand-alone installer to check out features that are coming in the near future.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-06-16

Accept your mail people!

I've had a huge response to my help wanted ad, but everyone's email is bouncing back at me. Change your account settings to accept mail or I can't talk to you!

Here is the message you should have received.

OK, working from responses to my last email I'm going try to give better instructions with less info. I will paste in the previous email at the bottom in case you missed it or came after I sent it. There is information worth reading in there so I have cut it down to just that.... read more

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-06-06

R squared times the derivative of R

* Composer timing routines being written
* File format standardised and compressed
* Endless code commenting [sigh]
* Save confirmation dialogs
* Framework reloading, audio config pre-testing
* About 43,742 bug fixes
* Tracker interface coming together
* Two new machines to play with
* Parameter window handling and updates
* Improvements to the UI backend
* Reducing use of anonymous event handlers
* Whatever else I've forgotten... read more

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-06-02

New source code release

A new source code release has been made. This is a big backend tidyup and an as yet unusable composer. Some new machines though so you can make some interesting noises in the router.

A new installer release will be made once the composer is functioning.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-05-28

Working hard

Just so you know, I'm working away on this, making a solid foundation for the program. Version 0.02 will be released once this is complete. It will feature two new machines and a fully functional audio chain.

By the way, this program IS for Linux, I simply don't provide an installer or support setting it up. If you know how to run a Java program under Linux, then you may run Vermilion.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-05-27

The composer with the funny name is back!

I have made a Windows installer available, making the project much more accessible for the average user. Hope it works!

All that's working so far is the router (where you connect machines). Press Ctrl to drag a wire.

You should be able to save your document and reload it. Note that there is little chance it will load in any later releases.

Submit any bugs to my email address or on the project forums. Mainly at this stage it's the installer I'm testing. The program itself is so basic there should be no issues at this stage.... read more

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-05-12

Netbeans Project Uploaded

For anyone extremely keen, I have uploaded the Netbeans project I am working on. If you can install Java and Netbeans and open the project you should be able to run the application and create some noises.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-05-08

Rewriting in Java

I'm starting up the coding again, no promises on delivering anything just doing some experiments with Java.

Will be keeping things much more simple this time around as far as the back end goes. but will be making it more modular - I've got basic GUI plugin action going and will be getting sound routing going next.

If this project does go anywhere I'll either rename this project or create a new one, I'm using the working name 'Vermilion'.

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2010-01-24

New version coming soon

I'm going to restart this project from scratch this year.

I'll be working with .NET 3.5 and probably using C++. There will be no Linux version. The program will be aimed at Windows XP, Vista and '7', and will hopefully also have an x64 version.

The audio engine will remain similar to the old one, however the focus will be on supporting VST, with a side-project involving video output but leading to more work with wavelets later on.... read more

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2009-02-01

Still here

I'm still around, but my regular email address is down. I've had a nice long holiday from VC. I have some changes planned but what I really need is suggestions for machines you need. I'm not so much interested in the 'out there' ideas right now, just the problems you've had with existing machines, and things you feel *need* to be there for VC to be usable.

If anyone is still there, thanks for ... still being there. :-)

Posted by Aaron Oxford 2008-01-15