BUtil 3.1 released

Main improvements are:
1. Removed unused settings of configurator
2. Refactored storing of options, storages architecture, logging classes, Scheduler PL: removed form which resulted in less by default memory usage, BackupUi
3. Bug fix with backup in progress
4. Bug fix with target .Net Framework for scheduler
5. Bug fix with 'Stand by' mode
6. Added less resource mode for Scheduler and improved their utilization
7. Improved output for tray aplication of remained time
8. Published console tool md5Signer with enhanced features
9. Improved Ui of backupUi: tray icon
10. Added features of power management in backupConsole tool
11. 2 Bug fixes in Console tool with utilizing log resources fixed and parsing command line arguments
12. Bug fix with scheduling fixed: when backup finished new time was not counted
13. 2 Bug Fixes with pretty time span formatter
14. Speeded up starting manual backup from ghost appliation on 30 seconds
15. Not a donation ware now

Posted by Siarhei Kuchuk Alexandrovich 2008-05-31