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#4 Work with piece sets

Peter Gal

Working with large sets of pieces is a little bit difficult and slow.

It would be very helpful if it was possible to set to Burr-Tools to find only one assembly with one piece subset. I'm interested only in "good" subsets which have solution(s).

E.g.: I have about 20 pieces and 5 problems to assembly. The problems contain only 8 pieces. How can I find a piece subset which has solutions for all the problems?

That would also be useful if there was a specification about xmpuzzle files. On the basis of that I could look for common solutions.

Thanks in advance,


  • Andreas Röver
    Andreas Röver

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    I don't think that I will implement this kind of feature any time soon. There are just so many other, more general features missing. You are free to do it and send it to me, if you want.

    Regarding the xmpuzzle spec. There is a bit in the UserGuide that could count as a start. But the prefered way to work with the file is to use the library. Load the puzzle and use the classes and methods libburr. If you need advice with that or the above, mail me personally or use the mailing list.