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Burrokeet / News: Recent posts

Three new courses and a downloads page

We just added three new courses to the repository:

- Internent Technolgoies II (BSc. course on server side technologies)
- ECESIS- Java Programming with Eclipse 3.0
- ECESIS- Two Day Plugin Development with Eclipse 3.0

(the latter two are from the Eclipse ECESIS project http://www.eclipse.org/ecesis/\)

We have also added a downloads page for eacy access to the Content Packages available (see http://www.burrokeet.org/downloads/packages.html\)

Posted by Ross Gardler 2004-12-09

Internet Technologies I Course

The Interent Technologies I course is now available in CVS. This materials is not yet available under the Creative Commons license as we have yet to verify that it is all original content, in fact we know some of the content is from (credited) external sources.

Posted by Ross Gardler 2004-12-06

Our First Release

The Burrokeet team are proud to announce our first release (0.1rc1). This is a very early release and is still rough around the edges, but it works (we use it ourselves).

Feedback is very important to us, pleae give it a go and let us know how we can improve on it for you (in particular with "getting started" instructions).

Posted by Ross Gardler 2004-12-05

My goodness - some press!

Burrokeet is gradually gaining more attention, not bad since we haven't actually done a release yet (yes, the CVS code is very funcitonal, but it is still a pain to install).

Anyway take a look at this Linux Gazette article (http://www.linuxgazette.com/node/9627).

(we also get a mention in this antoher story at http://www.linuxgazette.com/node/9618\)

Posted by Ross Gardler 2004-12-01

We now produce presentation slides

Thanks to the s5 project we are now able to produce slides from out content. This makes it much easier to present materials held in a Burrokeet Learning Object.

For an example see http://www.burrokeet.org/presentation/s5slides/burrokeetStLucia.html

Posted by Ross Gardler 2004-11-28

First Screenshots and Movies Available

We just uploaded the first screenshots and the first tutorial movie showing Burrokeet in action.

Take a look at the documentation seciton of the web site, the screenshots are also available on SFF in the screenshots section.

Posted by Ross Gardler 2004-11-26

IMS Manifest Code Donated to Apache Forrest

The code to create a site structure from an IMS Manifest file has been donated to Apache Forrest (http://forrest.apache.org).

This code is the first plugin in a new plugin facility within the Apache Forrest proejct. This facility is being deeloped in order to enable extensions to the core Forrest functionality such as that being developed here.

Posted by Ross Gardler 2004-10-15

ForrestPlugin code donated to Apache Forrest

The Burrokeet project is proud to donate some of its code base to the Apache Forrest project. The Burrokeet team will be continuing to develop and use this part of the cade, but believe that it is better housed in the wider community.

Posted by Ross Gardler 2004-07-30