What are correct settings on Burn to burn dvd

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    I installed Burn on my mac.
    Changed the Pal settings to NTCS.
    Removed the themes from the settings.

    But still cant see dvd on my dvd player. It gives an error: playback prohibited by area limitations.

  • i just burned this program as well, i need to change from PAL To NTSC but cant find where to do it at…can you help me out

  • nm i found it

  • Daniel

    I have had the same problems. I first burned a .mpg file to a DVD and forgot to change the player settings from PAL to NTCS. Then I went back again and burned a second DVD and this time I did change the player setting to NTCS, but still, no luck on getting it to playback on any of my DVD players (except for my mac). I came across an old DVD that I had borrowed from a friend and it was the same brand DVD as well, and it played just fine on all the DVD players. I went ahead and looked inside of the DVD on my mac to only find that it had the same file type folders (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS) as the other two that I had just burnt! So I could really use the help myself if anyone knows what we are doing wrong.

  • Mark

    Same problem here. Burned accidentally on PAL setting and the DVD player said that it doesn't support that format. Then I burned on NCTC and the player doesn't even see the disc! I give UP! I'm just deleting this free but useless app.