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At least one output file must be specified

  • So, i'm making my first movie.
    I drag the .avi onto the burn application with my 4.7Gb DVD inserted and the "DVD-Video" tab selected.
    It converts the file for me, to a DVD mpg or something like that.
    When it is all done, I press burn, select my burning specifications and nothing. It says "There was a problem Authoring the DVD" When I click on Console from the Error pop-up screen it says:
    "At least one output file must be selected" All i'm trying to do is make a dvd that automaticlly plays when i put it into my dvd player.
    Any help? thnks

  • K Hindall
    K Hindall

    I am having this same problem.  The lack of response to the original poster makes me nervous, but I figure I can try again.

    I'm running OS X 10.4.11 on a PPC G4.

    Thank you!


  • K Hindall
    K Hindall

    A small update: I tried burning with 1.72 and was successful, but I need to force the 4:3 aspect ratio, which 1.72 doesn't do.

    Please respond.


  • dwhite44

    I had this problem and was somehow able to get past it. I really don't know exactly what I did but I went into the Burn Preferences from the menu. I did that because somebody had said to make sure the temporary file was set. I did the choose on the temporary file but then I cancelled and did not actually change it. I then changed the option to automatically delete temporary files on Quit. Then, doing a burn worked fine. I don't know if it was maybe just going in there and hitting ok actually saved the temporary file location or what.