#117 Copy DVD reports negative size

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Dan Delaney

I just downloaded Burn 2.5 (23). After clicking the "Copy" tab and dragging a DVD onto the Burn window, Burn reports the DVD's size as a huge NEGATIVE number. Screenshot attached.


  • Dan Delaney
    Dan Delaney

    Screenshot of Burn window showing negative size for DVD

  • Hi Dan,

    Can you upload a screenshot of the size of the DVD in the Finder.
    This way I can reproduce the problem.

  • Hello, I have the same problem,
    Mac OS X version 10.5.8, build 9L30,
    Burn.app Version 2.5.1 (24)
    Finder tells that the size of the DVD is 3.86GB (4 145 557 504 bytes)
    Burn.app reports -149409792 KB

    Tom (email: tom dot penicka at centrum dot cz)

  • Hello again,
    now I tested the same thing on Snow Leopard 10.6.5 and it works the same way. Btw. previously I had installed version 1.72u (14) on my Snow Leopard machine and the size was displayed correctly.

  • Hello once more,
    I tried more DVD and I got the following:
    Finder shows size 4 418 082 816
    Burn.app shows 117.4MB
    For me it looks like overflow of integer counter, the displayed sizes are approximately Finder size == Burn.app size + 2^32