Backing up a tic here, this is the view from 20,000 feet for the system I am trying to set up as I understand it, where each action in the list causes the next:


`git push` from developer


python < /dev/stdin

buildbot sendchange

PBChangeSource detects change

Scheduler fires

Builders on slaves start

`git pull` on slaves


Looking at the Waterfall page, I do not see any activity when developers push changes.  When I manually invoke `buildbot sendchange` (as below), I see activity, but the Git step is failing (as below).


Systems involving BuildBot have a lot of pieces to put together!


From: Richard Woods
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2010 10:08 AM
Subject: RE: [Buildbot-devel] basic question


Of note:


When I do a manual `git clone ssh://machinename/path/to/repository`, .git/config looks like:



                repositoryformatversion = 0

                filemode = true

                bare = false

                logallrefupdates = true

[remote "origin"]

                url = ssh://machinename/path/to/repository

                fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

[branch "master"]

                remote = origin

                merge = refs/heads/master


However, the .git/config file in the repository buildbot created is missing the [remote “origin”] and [branch “master”] sections.


[ I’m also a git newbie or I’d have known to provide this information to start with ]


From: Richard Woods
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2010 9:19 AM
Subject: RE: [Buildbot-devel] basic question


Ah, thank you!  With that sorted out…


The builds fail at the Git step.  The step is defined by `Git(repourl=”ssh://machinename/path/to/repository”))` -- pretty simple.  If I do a `git pull` from the build directory, I get “unable to chdir or not a git archive”, however if I do `git pull ssh://machinename/path/to/repository`, I get the updates correctly.


From: John Ford []
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 5:13 PM
To: Richard Woods
Subject: Re: [Buildbot-devel] basic question


your scheduler is on branch 'master' but your sendchange doesn't have a branch.  Try adding --branch master to your sendchange





On Aug 25, 2010, at 2:10 PM, Richard Woods wrote:


I had BuildBot set up to do periodic builds, and I’d like it to instead receive change notifications from a git repository.


I have the post-receive hook set up in the repository to send the changes to BuildBot.  I have changed the configuration file:

·         The change source is configured via `c[‘change_source’] = PBChangeSource()`

·         The scheduler is defined by `Scheduler(name=”all”, branch=”master”, treeStableTimer=0, buildernames=[“buildbot-full”])` and appended to c[‘schedulers’]

But where my periodic builds were working before, I can’t get these builds to kick off.


I have done `buildbot sendchange --user=username --master=localhost:9989 Makefile`, and I see a change show up on the status Waterfall page, but no builds kick off.  Where might I be missing something?

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