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User Updates

If you have made updates/enhancements to Bugs Online, please send those to simgar@users.sourceforge.net so they can be added back to the user community. Please include a description of the changes that were made and attach any modified files.


Posted by Jason Read 2004-04-20

Seeking Developer(s)

If anyone is interested in helping out with bug fixes and future development of this project, please contact me (simgar). Thank you.

Posted by Jason Read 2002-10-28

Bugs Online reaches #19

Bugs Online ranked #19 of the most popular sites on sourceforge today.

Thanks to all of the BO users for making this possible.

Posted by Jason Read 2002-01-18

Bug in v. 2.13 Found please update your version

A bug in v. 2.13 has been found. The problem occurs when adding or updating a bug. Install v. 2.14 for a fix or simply update the file scripts/process_submit_bug.inc from the CVS repository.

Posted by Jason Read 2002-01-16

Bugs Online reaches top 50

Bugs Online has become the 49th most popular project on sourceforge. Thanks to all of the BO users!

Posted by Jason Read 2002-01-15

Bugs Online Website Completed!

The Bugs Online website has been completed and uploaded to sourceforge. You may access this website by going to http://bugsonline.sourceforge.net (or by clicking on "Home Page".

The new website contains important information such as documentation, features, screenshots, and much more.

Posted by Jason Read 2001-12-26

v. 2.11 Released!

Version 2.11. of Bugs Online has been released for the first time on sourceforge. Extensive amounts of time and resources have been put in to this new release.

Posted by Jason Read 2001-12-25