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BuddySpace v2.8 released

Mostly to handle migration from jabberd to wildfire server

Posted by Chris Denham 2007-05-01

BuddySpace v2.6 source out

Version 2.6 Adds buddyfinder and simlink plugins to version 2.5.2

Posted by Chris Denham 2005-11-21

BuddySpace v2.1.1 source out

On a popular demand, we updated the BuddySpace files release site to include the latest version of the source that corresponds to the binary release downloadable from the project web site. Please, if you use and/or extend BuddySpace, let us know, and possibly join our team here on SourceForge.Net. We would like to know how the soft is being deployed, by whom, for what purposes, etc. - just out of curiosity... ;o)

Posted by Martin Dzbor 2003-04-29

BuddySpace2 source code released

Today, November 1st, we uploaded the Java sources of our Jabber client to CVS as well as released a gzipped tar-ball of the entire source tree (.java files, GUI images and basic skin/feel).

Feel free to browse the CVS or visit the "Files" section above to download the source tree. If you are looking for a downloadable binary, please, go to http://buddyspace.sourceforge.net, and choose option "Download BuddySpace2" in menu on the left hand side.... read more

Posted by Martin Dzbor 2002-11-01

BuddySpace2 Jabber client release

Earlier today we released a completely re-worked and much improved version of our BuddySpace advanced Jabber client. With this client we aim to go beyond the traditional notion of 'buddy/contact list' that is typical for many standard IM tools.

BuddySpace provides enhanced visual and map-based presence management capabilities. In addition to conventional Instant Messaging features, BuddySpace allows customisable visualisations for presence, including maps, logical layouts such as building schematics, and project timelines.... read more

Posted by Martin Dzbor 2002-10-17