#27 checking account reconciliation feature


At some place in Buddi the user would need to be able to enter the statement balance as shown on the banks monthly statement. I've attached a screen print from my spreadsheet to show you how it operates:

(1) Balance per Bank's Statement - this number is just what it says. The user must enter this number

(2) Items not clear in ledger. These are the items that have not cleared via a bank statement ( or in Buddi's case all items that do NOT have the reconcile checkmark ). This means the user must mark all the items in the ledger that are on the statement ( which could be done in Buddi with the reconcile checkbox ). The dollar total here reflects the sum of all debits/credits ( i.e. withdrawals/deposits ) which are NOT marked as reconciled. To recap, the process is simple:
a) user receives bank statement and marks all items on statement as reconciled in Buddi using the checkbox.
b) user goes to some window/sheet or whatever ( maybe something that looks like my screen print ) and enters the balance from the bank statement. Buddi would provide the dollar totals for items not clear in ledger and do the sum to arrive at "adjusted Bank statement balance". Buddi would also provide the check register balance. If the adjusted bank statement balance and check register balance are the same, all is well. If they are not the same, the difference between them would indicate the amount out of balance.


  • BrianS

    Screen print mentioned in description