Buddi 3.0 Roadmap

As you may have noticed, the last released Development version ( is currently behind the Stable (2.6.x). This is because I am working on a new Major release, Buddi 3.0. Buddi 3.0 will include a number of new features which have been requested over the past year, and will address some fundamental problems with the existing data model which currently limit some of the changes I can make.

Some of the most noticeable changes include the following:

-You can now keep track of budgets for different months. If you set the Groceries budget category for $100 in August, you can change it to $200 in September, and still keep both month's data.
-Complete GUI overhaul. I have now made Buddi fully document based (New / Open / Save / Save As), and you can open multiple data files at once.
-Complete data model overhaul. I have ditched the Eclipse EMF model in favour of a Java beans based one. While the data files are a little larger, this gives me much more flexibility in what I can do (such as with the budgeting changes).
-Complete API overhaul. I know that developers will be cursing me for this change, but it was unfortunately impossible to avoid. The 2.4 / 2.6 version of the API had a number of architectural issues which caused some problems; to fix them without changing the architecture would have been very difficult. I thus took the best aspects of the old API, and improved them, while adding new features. For instance, now the API's model is much closer to the main data model than it was before, which will make for a more natural approach to programming. In addition, I have revised the plugin interfaces to better cope with the issues encountered by plugin developers over the past half year or so.

I have been working on this new version for the past 2 or 3 weeks, and have made some great progress on it. However, it is still not stable or featured enough to be released as a regular Development version.

If you want to get a copy of it in it's current state *for testing and review only*, please let me know. I hope to have a version shortly which will compile and run properly. Note that you should *not* use this with production data yet - I can just about guarantee that there will be substantial changes in the data model over the next few weeks, and if you use it for important information, you will lose data.

Keep looking at this news feed for updates about this exciting new version of Buddi!


Posted by Wyatt 2007-08-17