2.4 Release Candidates

I am proud to announce that I am starting to release RC versions for the 2.4 stable branch. This new stable version will include a number of enhancements over the 2.2 branch, including:

-Many optimizations to the code, which results in much faster load times
-Completely re-written document loading framework. Now all platforms allow for opening data files by double clicking on the file (you may need to associate the file with Buddi yourself, on some OS's. Mac OS X and Debian create the association; the others do not).
-New approach to graphs / reports; they are now web based, which makes for much better results when printing or saving reports
-Complete overhaul of plugins, and the creation of a static API. This should allow developers to create plugins easier, without worrying that future changes to Buddi will make them break.

Because of all the changes which have been implemented, I need as many people as possible to test this release and provide me feedback with any bugs that you find. If you are running Development, and you don't see any problems, please let me know that, too.

Many thanks go out to all those who have been helping me work through the development process for the upcoming 2.4 branch, whether the help was in coding, translations, graphics, or even just suggestions. Buddi is as good as it is today because of you people!


Posted by Wyatt 2007-05-29