#225 Nested Budget Categories in Transaction Pane

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Looking through the feature requests, I found something similar, but since there was no action taken, I thought that I would resubmit the request as something that would be greatly appreciated by those of us who make heavy use of parent and children categories.

When entering a transaction, it would be very helpful to have parent categories and their children be grouped together. As Buddi works for me right now, this does not occur. In the attached screenshot, for example, the "ebay" categories happen to show up next to each other because of similar names, but "ebay sales" is really the parent of the other two "ebay" categories. So, instead of seeing:

Ebay Fees (child)
Ebay Postage (child)
Ebay Sales (parent)

I would like to see:

Ebay Sales (parent)
-->Ebay Fees (child)
-->Ebay Postage (child)

Obviously, the "parent" and "child" labels would not really be needed, I just added them here to keep things clear.

This example is really rather tame: Parent categories and children with less similar names are even more difficult to navigate because of their separation in the "To" list. For example, in the default category of "Household" I have a subcategory named "Major Repairs." Because of the large number of parent and children categories I use, these two are separated by a great many parent and children categories in the "To" list, none of which have anything to do with "Household."


PS - I am using Buddi on Ubuntu Hardy Heron.


  • Screenshot of unsorted "To" categories in Transaction

  • Chris

    I agree with this feature request. I use Buddi regularly, and love the application, and this is the only real difficulty I find in using Buddi. As it works at the moment it can be very difficult to determine between two similar categories with very different parent categories - house maintenance and car maintenance being a good example. I like to have finely defined budget categories to track where money is going accurately, but its hard to navigate the categories in the transaction list for such finely differentiated categories.