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#223 Modify account

Workflow (41)

In buddi development version, when we open the buddi application, go to the edit->modify account , the account should be selected for modification ,If we give the long value in the account name textbox and want to increase the size of the modify account window, when mouse cursor is over the account type it hides, and click on starting balance it hides, and when click on account name it is showing the values in the account name ,if we click on account type it goes out of window, some time if we want to increase the size of window it is showing the account name, account type, starting balance. And if we select the account type it is not showing the selected name if the size of window is increased, if we continually pressing the value, the "ok" button highlighted after we leave the button, when we right click in textbox it accepts only from the mouse not from keyboard, in title bar name not showing. If we give the negative value in the starting balance once, and again give the value it show the negative value.
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista (Change the theme because menu bar options not showing properly in vista)
I want to suggest that when user gives the long name in account name and want to increase the size of the create account window it should work correctly because create account is showing very different behaviour.
Go to the “my budget” tab, select the budget categories for modification, and then go to the edit->modify budget categories, here is the same problem.

For more information refer to the screen shot attached.


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