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All data lost.

  • Will Van Meter
    Will Van Meter

    Opened Buddi after last using it six days ago. Nothing there. More than a year's worth of data, just poof. The backups are all empty, too. No accounts. No records. There was no update, to my knowledge. Running on Windows 7. Pretty distressing. There was a popup that said there had been a crash and that we could restore from an autosave. Nothing there.

  • Wyatt

    When you say that the backups are empty, are you saying that the size is 0 bytes? Or did you try opening them, etc? How are you determining that it is empty?

    Probably the first thing to check is that you have not accidentally started a new data file. By default, Buddi will remember the last data file that you had open, but it supports the ability to have multiple data files. If Buddi thinks that there was a crash, as you mentioned, it may not have saved the location of the last data file, so it would just open a new one when you started up again.

    To find the data file, please search the entire hard drive for .buddi3 files. Likewise, the backups should be called .buddi3bak files. Once you find it you can use the File -> Open menu option in Buddi.

    Please let me know what you find. I would be very surprised if you have actually lost everything: I am not aware of this happening ever before, and there have been about a million copies of Buddi downloaded over the 8 years since it was released.