#1 Server Crash on connections from clients w/different modes

Florian Piesche

I have just noticed, in a private game with some
friends, that apparently the Windows server "crashes"
(ie. it displays "Oops -- Server crash!" in the game
window) when someone is trying to connect with a
different connection mode than the other players. We
were playing a three-player game; two of the players
were connecting to the server with manually set TCP
mode (as the server was running on ISDN, which makes
low bandwidth use imperative) and the third player was
a local player on the server machine.
When a fourth player tried to connect with auto-detect
still set, the server would "crash" as described above
and restart the level. This was reproducable, every
time the player tried to connect. After the fourth
player manually set his client to use TCP only, all
went fine.


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    Thinking about it, my suggestion would be to have the client
    send a "connection type" request to the server before
    actually joining the game, asking which type of connection
    the server prefers.
    The server's reply is chosen according to its own bandwidth
    (low-bandwidth -> TCP, high-bandwidth -> UDP) or the
    connection type that already-connected players use,
    effectively telling the new client which connection type to use.

  • Armin Rigo
    Armin Rigo

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    When we are playing, the server works nicely with a mix of
    TCP and UDP clients. I need more information: the server
    creates a "BubBob.log" file, which after a "server crash"
    should contain near the end a so-called Python traceback.
    Try to delete BubBob.log, run the server, make it crash,
    close it, and then attach the BubBob.log file to this bug

    Being able to configure the server to require TCP mode would
    be nice. Note however that recent (in CVS) versions will
    compress the UDP stream also, not as much as in the TCP
    connexion but close.

  • Armin Rigo
    Armin Rigo

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date