#20 Script file creation rather than ISO image creation

Trevor N

I believe that the whole concept of ISO creation
should NOT be in BTTB - this is best left to the
burning software. It would be much more useful & a lot
quicker to create burning script files instead - like
XML scripts so that burning software could just read
the scripts and create the discs or images itself.

This would solve the filename truncation bug, and also
the ISO image creation/corruption bug I listed today.

If script creation is too diffocult, then how about
implementing a COPY function instead of the MOVE
function ? Moving is often not an option if you're
creating an archive of data that needs to stay where it
is - like archiving databases or web sites etc.


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    I want to be as generic as possible. I never see any script
    option in the burning programs I use. So even creating a
    script would be quite useless.
    That's why I choose MkISOfs: it is proven that it works (in
    most cases at least :). Simply also, because burning itself
    is not a task of BTTB.
    This ISO creation came in place of the Copy option. The
    whole process goes quicker in theory because you only have
    to create the ISO, doubleclick it, then burn it. Instead of:
    select files, copy to destination, create cd-r from burning
    program, move files to cd-r, burn.
    There are some bugs in this ISO creation process, which need
    to be addressed. But it's too valuable to simply remove it
    and use another (more cumbersome!) process.

    The ISO creation will be finetuned until it works like it