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#1 Link from View Ticket to Edit Ticket

Steven H Rogers

When you click on edit ticket, you're given a form that
takes the ticket number as its only input. It would
be nice to have a button or other link from the view
ticket page to the editing page for that ticket.


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    But you do have a link from the View page.

    The ticket number in the 'Ticket ID' field
    at the top of the View Page is a link to
    the Edit Page for the ticket.


    • status: open --> closed
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    I know about the link from the "List tickets" view. My suggestion was for an additional link from the view of an individual ticket to edit that particlular ticket.

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    But that does already exist (as I tried to explain ;-)
    Go to the homepage http://btt.sourceforge.net/
    and look at the 'View Ticket' screenshot.
    Look at the 'Ticket Id: 10' field at the top.
    The '10' is a link to the 'Edit Ticket' page
    for ticket no.10.


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    Yes, I understand that this link exists, though it wasn't obvious at first. My issue is that when you're viewing a particular ticket, a button on that page (though it may be in a different frame) that says edit ticket, should take you to the edit page for that particular ticket, not to a search page that will take the user to some arbitrary ticket.

    Now that I think of it the search page could be replaced by a data entry field adjacent to the edit ticket button. This would make it more clear that one would have to enter a ticket number and save the time spent rendering the search page.