Quiet switch makes BtProx crash on startup

Lars L
  • Lars L
    Lars L

    First of all - BtProx is a great thing..!

    However, in the latest version ( the program always crashes when I try
    to start it with the "/q" or "--quiet" switch. Starting it normally, and then
    doing "start" and "hide", makes it work like it should. If I can assist in
    troubleshooting (providing some logs et.c.), just let me know.

    Regards, Lars

    PS. Another small thing... I wouldn't mind for the window close button (X) to
    do "hide" instead of "exit". Seems more normal for this kind of background
    task. Clicking (X) means I'm done with the config window, not that I want to
    exit the whole app.

  • Uri Kogan
    Uri Kogan

    Hi, Lars.

    Thanks for "great thing". :-)

    You suggestion to hide the window instead of closing it- accepted and changed
    in the source already.

    About the "quiet" switch: can you, please, send me addition information about
    the crash? Just click the "Details" button when the application crashes and
    send me the resulting output.

    Thanks a lot for help!

  • Fireye

    I'm having similar issues. The app launches fine, but when I attempt to
    "start" it, it crashes. Also, VERY unhelpfully, it doesn't offer the "Details"
    "Continue" or "Quit" buttons. It shows this instead:

  • Fireye

    Terrific. I'd love to provide some feedback on the issue, is there a debug
    flag or something I need to pass btprox to get those extra logging options? I
    wasn't able to find error output in the event log, or in a file in the btprox