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BtiTracker 1.4.8 Released!

Btit Tracker v.1.4.8


  • possibile SQL Injection (scrape.php)


  • include/crk_protection.php
  • include/functions.php
  • install/index.php
  • scrape.php
Posted by Lupin 2008-08-28

BtiTracker 1.4.7 released!

Btit Tracker v.1.4.7


  • fixed wrong formatted peers and banned IP(announce.php)
  • XSS fix (upload.php)
  • PM send to guest or "myself" (usercp.php)


  • include/functions.php
  • language/english.php
  • language/polish.php
  • announce.php
  • upload.php
  • usercp.php
Posted by Liroy 2007-12-04

BtiTracker 1.4.6 released!

Btit Tracker v.1.4.6


  • cosmetic changes (blocks/lasttorrents_block.php, blocks/toptorrents_block.php, edit.php)
  • Guest can shout (using external html code) (blocks/shoutbox_block.php)
  • Added latest crk_protection.php (thanks to cobracrk) (include/crk_protection.php)
  • fixed peers issue (details.php) (
  • default language in recover (recover.php)
  • Possible SQL injection (torrents.php)... read more
Posted by Liroy 2007-11-22

BtiTracker 1.4.5 released!

Btit Tracker v.1.4.5


  • extend error messages on signup and XSS fix(account.php)
  • guest can view torrent's details using full url and guest edit/delete guest's torrents (details.php) (
  • XSS fix (moresmiles.php)
  • XSS fix (recover.php)
  • external progress % (torrents.php)
  • XSS fix (usercp.php) (
  • guest can shout (blocks/shoutbox_block.php) (
  • SQL Injection fix (include/functions.php)... read more
Posted by Liroy 2007-11-07

BtiTracker 1.4.4 released!

Btit Tracker v.1.4.4


  • all externals torrents should update correctly now (functions.php).
  • secured user's data change (email, etc.) in usercp.php
  • upload/download bug (announce.php) (
  • syntax error (details.php)
  • category fix (edit.php) (
  • syntax error (login.php)
  • correct error when image code is enabled (recover.php)(
  • correct problem with extras smilies (shoutbox_block.php)
  • disabled the check "allow tracker to retrieve informations from torrent", so it'll always do it and fix category dropdown menu. (upload.php)
  • pm outbox problem (usercp.php)(
  • syntax errors (userdetails.php) ( read more
Posted by Lupin 2007-06-28

BtiTracker 1.4.3 released!

Btit Tracker v.1.4.3


  • customized groups assignement (account.php) (
  • editing torrent with apostrophes names (
  • changed all max() functions with intval() function which is more secure.
Posted by Liroy 2007-05-25

BtiTracker 1.4.2 released!

A security flaw has been discovered in forum.php.
We're very sorry and we have made the possible to correct all problems.

Posted by Lupin 2007-05-20

BtiTracker 1.4.1 released!

Btit Tracker v.1.4.1

if you update from previous version, DON'T upload install folder and
run the query upgrade/v14_to_v141.sql for upgrading your database.


  • Installation script (thanks JBoy).


  • Admincp access by all authorized users and classes.
  • Mysql stats (admincp) use tracker style.
  • Delete comments from torrent's details.
  • possible XSS injections in forum, usercp, users.
  • problem in announce if php not compiled with bcmath support.
  • Image code in recover
  • changed password cookie.
  • All problems found on 1.4 by users.
  • Email verification when user change own email (usercp), hack by Petr1fied.... read more
Posted by Lupin 2007-04-29