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about flash setting of Holux M-1000C


  • Anonymous

    Dear BT-747 project owner.

    My GPS Logger is Holux M-1000C. It has some problem to work with R66 S60V3, because of the NMEA output period of GSA and GSV are 5 second. and I have succeeded prove it by change the output period of them to 1 second, via BT747(then everything is ok).

    But BT747 can not help me save the NMEA output period into Flash, although it seems has the function in the screen, but after I click "Save", nothing saved.

    So, Could  you please implement this function?

    thanks in advanced.

  • Mario De Weerd
    Mario De Weerd

    This functionality is already in the application, but the changes are limited by the device.
    Whether you can change these values in flash or not is determined by the 'Times Left' value in the 'Flash Settings' Subpanel of the 'Advanced Device Settings' tab.
    When that value is '0' it is impossible to change the flash settings.

    Most devices have this value to 0 and I have seen only one MTK device that did not have it at 0.  It was not a logger and did not come with any software - it was simply intended as a Bluetooth GPS mouse for phones.  i tried BT747 on it and I was able to see the MTK chipset settings - I did it 'just for fun'.