BT747 on Windows Mobile

  • I tried all versions of BT_J2ME I could (from 0.2.68 to 0.3.78) and no runs on Windows Mobile.

    I tried two JVM: JBlend and phoneME. With just gives JBlend Exception, in particular, from version 0.3.61:
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/bluetooth/BluetoothConnectionException

    With phoneME to version 0.3.27 seems to work properly but can not find any device.
    With versions 0.3.35 to 0.3.60, the application works but it reports that it can connect to the device.
    From version 0.3.61, gives the same exception with JBlend

    With the BT747 PocketPC version (both stable as devel) can not enter text into the fields. For example it is not possible to specify a binary file name or a value for Time, Speed​​, Distance or Ctrl Fix tab.

    My phone is a HTC Touch2 (aka Mega, T3333)
    The ROM is: Windows Mobile 6.5 COM2 XIP SYS 21909 Casteñano/España Spanish Version

    With my previous phone, an HTC Jade, remember that the PocketPC version worked.

    Saludos y gracias por tu gran trabajo.