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Charles Le Losq

Charles Le Losq

Carnegie Institution of Washington

Software for Raman / FTIR data treatments

Those software are free scripts for treatment of spectroscopic data. They have been developped for research purposes only, and are particularly suited to my needs. Feel free to use them and modify them, but please let me know if you improve them !

Rameau 101

This software allows calculating water concentration from Raman spectra of hydrous glasses. Please see the publication: Le Losq et al. (2012) Determination of water content in silicate glasses using Raman spectrometry: implications for the study of explosive volcanism, American Mineralogist 97, 779-790.


For correcting Raman spectra from temperature (Bose-Einstein distribution) and excitation line effects. Spectra are normalized to the maximum intensity, and a 3 columns matrix is the output (w, y, errors)

Same as long.m, but based on python (fast,free). You need to have the Scipy and Numpy packages to use it. Install anaconda version on mac for instance...

TodO : may return errors... I know where but not why... Use long.m instead now, I will fix that in the next futur.