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v1.2 released

Bugs fixed:
-The usercontrol was broken (and most likely has been since released.) Fixed, now tested and comes with an example project.

Features added:
- New icon w/SVG original, so no more pixelation!
- The buttons now show a click icon when you hover over them.

Posted by WaddleSplash 2011-08-02

v0.9a Released

A minor bug was found in 0.9 so 0.9a was released.
If you clicked the reset timer button the pause button would not reset.

This was fixed.

However the about still says 0.9. The setup does, too. It was a minor fix.

Posted by WaddleSplash 2009-12-28

SimpleTimer v0.9 Here!

This release includes these new features:
- A reset time button on the timer window,
- The timer window starts center screen,
- The Windows Forms Control is much more easy to use

I'd like to see what you've been using Simple Timer for. Just post a review, whether you're a SourceForge user or not!

-WaddleSplash (Bestimation Studios)

Posted by WaddleSplash 2009-12-28

SimpleTimer v0.8 is here!

Welcome to the Start of the Future of Timers! Follow us as we begin our journey!

Posted by WaddleSplash 2009-12-04

Bug found

Bug found in 0.7- if you click "Don't show warnings" The 30sec still shows

Posted by WaddleSplash 2009-12-01

SimpleTimer v0.8 Coming

There's going to be an about box, too!

Posted by WaddleSplash 2009-11-30

SimpleTimer v0.7 is here!

This version introduces the Windows Forms Control: Just add it to your program! The main application also has a "Don't Show Warnings" checkbox.

Posted by WaddleSplash 2009-11-18

SimpleTimer v0.6 is here!

I added some new screenshots as well.

Posted by WaddleSplash 2009-11-17

SimpleTimer v0.6 Coming

2 UI Changes!

Posted by WaddleSplash 2009-11-16

SimpleTimer v0.4 Coming!

SimpleTimer v0.4 is a new, stable release. It fixes some bugs that were in v0.3: on busy computers, SimpleTimer would lose approxamatley 7 minutes for every half hour! This new release looks at the system time, and not a timer_tick event.

Posted by WaddleSplash 2009-05-18