As there have been requests for a MacOSX version of ooRexx 4.2.0, I refreshed the MacOSX version of BSF4ooRexx with the latest, released version of ooRexx, version 4.2.0.

You can get the latest BSF4ooRexx versions from: <>. BSF4ooRexx is an external Rexx function package that bridges ooRexx with Java (even camouflaging Java as ooRexx to make it really easy to use Java from ooRexx).

Here are the direct links to the MacOSX refreshes to gain the latest released version of ooRexx, version 4.2.0:
Once you installed the latest MacOSX package you may also use the oorexxtry-GUI to run (and edit) Rexx programs. In addition you will have access to ooRexx  (and BSF4ooRexx) from the command line.

If there are any support questions for BSF4ooRexx, please use the BSF4ooRexx support e-mail list which you can learn about and subscribe at: <>