Announcing general availability (GA) of BSF4ooRexx, version 4.10 as of 20120618

BSF4ooRexx is an external ooRexx function package to allow bridging Rexx with Java in both directions. It needs ooRexx version 4.1 <> or higher (version 4.1.1 recommended!) installed.

BSF4ooRexx comes with the ooRexx package "BSF.CLS" that camouflages all of Java as ooRexx, making it possible to create Java objects without a need to program in Java at all!

Numerous Rexx nutshell examples will be installed with BSF4ooRexx which demonstrate how easy it is to take immediate advantage of Java's functionality from Rexx. The Rexx sample programs can be accessed through the BSF4ooRexx menu entitled "samples".

[Java is usually already installed on any computer (the so called "Java runtime environment (JRE)" such that after installing BSF4ooRexx you can already run these sample programs and study their effects and the small code. If Java is not installed on your computer, then you can download it for free from e.g. <>.]

Rexx programs using Java as their external function package are by virtue of Java's "run everywhere" philosophy operating system independent. This is to say that the Java features one uses from Rexx will be available on any operating system where Rexx and Java exist. Or with other words: one cannot only write powerful Rexx scripts exploiting Java's functionality that can solve any modern software problem, but these Rexx programs are in addition operating system independent!

Major new features in this new version of BSF4ooRexx 4.10:

In addition two long standing, but unnoticed memory-leaks were uncovered in the previous beta cycle and have been fixed for this release.

The download link:

After successful installation of BSF4ooRexx you can find further information via the installed BSF4ooRexx menu entitled "Information", which contains PDF-files introducing some of the features of BSF4ooRexx. The information folder also contains a brief introduction to Rexx and ooRexx suitable for programmers who either do not know Rexx or do not (yet) know ooRexx.

If there are any questions with respect to BSF4ooRexx and/or Java then please post them on one of the BSF4ooRexx mailing lists:

In the case you find a bug, then please report it at:

In the case that you look for the documentation of the Java classes used in the Rexx nutshell examples use first the JavaDocs (HTML-pages documenting each Java class) for Java 1.4 as this version of Java has quite legible notations: <>.

In the case that you need newer JavaDocs, then you may want to use one of: <>, <> or <>, which all use heavily the "<xyz>" notation for "generics", which may be quite distracting for novice readers. Hence the advice to start out with the easy to comprehend JavaDocs for Java 1.4! (Please note that the Java documentation sites have plenty of interesting tutorials that demonstrate how to take advantage of the functionality of different kinds of Java classes.)

For the BSF4ooRexx team, a RexxLA project.


P.S.: In addition special support for OpenOffice/LibreOffice is supplied with the ooRexx package "UNO.CLS", making "ooRexx a first class programming language citizen" for programming OpenOffice in a quite easy ("Rexxish") manner (the installation will try to install the OpenOffice/LibreOffice support by default, cf. <>).

P.P.S.: In the case that you wish syntax highlighting for the Rexx code, then one possibility is using the "vim" editor, which "Rexx" support also highlights ooRexx code (<>).

P.P.P.S.: Please download the package from the above given URL from Sourceforge as it keeps statistics. It may be the case that it takes a few days, before Sourceforge makes the files available to anonymous users.

If you cannot wait for Sourceforge, here's an alternative link: <>