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#1 Add Java support for Rexx exits and Rexx command handlers

Next Release

The Rexx interpreter allows native C++ programmers to handle special Rexx events in form of so called "exit handlers". E.g. pre-/post-entering a program/routine, input/output and the like.

Also, the Rexx interpreters allows one to implement (multiple) command handlers in C++.

The exit and command handler interfaces are documented in the ooRexx supplied documentation in rexxpg.pdf (cf. sections 9.12, 9.13).

Add support for allowing implementing exit and command handlers in Java, such that Java programmers who employ BSF4ooRexx become able to handle exit and command events in Java code.

An additional idea: if possible allow rerouting to ooRexx objects via Java, such that exit and command handlers could be even implemented in ooRexx as a result.


  • The implementation should be so flexible, that potential future ooRexx exits (e.g. for debugging, profiling etc.) could be handled as well, or at least be added easily to the general exit and command handler implementation..

  • Planned for next release

  • Implemented, but needs thorough testing.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> orexx
    • status: open --> pending
  • Implemented in release 410.20120618

    • status: pending --> closed