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#12 ooRexxTry in Mac OS X, filehandling

Per Olov Jonsson

It seems ooRexxTry has a problem storing files in Mac OS X. Irrespective of where you navigate it will store the files in the place where ooRexxTry was launched (/users/po in my case). I do not know how one could fix it.


  • P.O., unfortunately my MacOSX (after updates) has no Java currently installed nor is one available for download. Therefore I am not able to test this myself at the moment.

    The code area, where the File dialog is employed and used for saving the code of the code window is in the code of method "actionPerformed" of the "FileDialog" class, line # 773 and following.

    If the code got saved then an appropriate message is stored in .imsg, such that you can see whether a fully qualified path or just an unqualified filename was used as the target location for storing the file.

    Probably you should change line # 809:

    filename = a_file~getName



    Please report back, whether this solves the problem!

  • I just found out how to look inside a .app for the first time, a whole new world opening! I will let you know the results of my testing soon

  • Dear Rony,

    After having made the change you proposed and restarted ooRexx the file dialog worked as intended and I could navigate and store files in other places. Nice!

  • Will be reflected in next release.

    • status: open --> pending-fixed
  • Fixed in rev 116.

  • Will be reflected in next release.

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    • assigned_to: nobody --> orexx
    • status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed