more packages for Uwisc 4.3 BSD

Today I've added Hack 1.0.3, gdb 3.1 & the significantly improved ircII-4.4 to the Uwisc package tapes. This irc client works great on attached PTY's. Feel free to say hi on #bsd via The client is preconfigured, and ready to go. Just type in irc-4.4 username and you'll be ready to /join #bsd

Package files can be downloaded from here:

remember to use bzip2 on your native platform to decompress the tape images, then simply mount them on the SIMH console, then run tar in the VM to extract..

(on the SIMH console, first hit control E to interrupt it)

Simulation stopped, PC: 8001EE43 (CMPL 8(AP),8005D4B8)
sim> att ts0 bash-2.0.binary.BSD-4.3.Uwisc.tap
sim> c

Then from 4.3 BSD:

myname# cd /
myname# mt rew
myname# tar -xvmf /dev/rmt12
x /usr/local/bin/bash2, 390144 bytes, 762 tape blocks
myname# rehash
myname# bash2

It’s that simple!

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-05-11