"fixed" networking for 4.2 BSD

This is an interim update to my VAX BSD on Windows installer package.

I redid the 4.2BSD package, so anyone that has downloaded, will want to download again (there were 2 downloads... )

Anyways I found a source tree of 4.2 BSD with the if_de.c and the same fix for the 4.3 BSD's worked fine for this one as well. Now you can telnet into 4.2 BSD!

You can download it from here:


It is worth noting that I didn’t even look at the TCP/IP stack so it’s possible that you could be hit with issues with negative numbers in the TCP sequencing, and other weird 4.2 to 4.3 bugs.

Also attempting to fix locore.s to allow more then 8mb of ram seems to have a kernel that hangs right after mounting the root partition.. If anyone remembers what to do to fix it, I’d appreciate it. I see in google’s usenet cache, they had the same issue at Nova University, but I didn’t see any follow up for a fix.

This update now brings all of the 4BSD packages on Windows up to a network operational level. Also please note that they all use the same user mode mapping ports (ie 42323 to 23 into the VM) so you currently cannot operate all of them at the same time. If that is an issue for anyone you can regen the exe’s from the SIMH project page:


Otherwise you can just contact me.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-03-25