• Andy Fielding
    Andy Fielding

    Hi guys,

    Here are my impressions on Alpha 0.5.2:

      _ It's a very nice 3D board. It'd be better if you could tilt and zoom, though... In particular, without the ability to zoom in, it can be a bit hard to tell the bishops from the pawns.

      _ Your description mentions "several different levels of intelligent AI" (although "AI" means "Artificial Intelligence", so you can probably leave out the extra "intelligent..."). However, I couldn't find any options for changing the playing level.

      _ I'm not a very strong player---maybe ELO 1300-1400---but I found I could beat the game quite easily. In fact, in some cases it seemed to be giving away pieces. Did you create your own chess engine too? If so, instead of "reinventing the wheel", why not just use one of the excellent open-source chess engines available?

    Anyway, keep up the nice work.

    Cheers, Andy

    • Thomas C. [FR]
      Thomas C. [FR]

      Hi Andy,

      Just one or two quick info (I am not involved in the project, just using the game and I like it!) about "intelligent AI" :
      - if you press ESC key, you have access to the menu. If you select "New Game", you will have the possibility to choose between "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard".

      - Further release of Brutal Chess should enable you to play with different chess engine or with users on the internet (as said on the official website)... I'm really excited about new versions! :)

      oh... before I forgot : you can tilt the board by clicking on the right button of your mouse if not pointing a piece. And I guess I read about the zoom function but was unable to activate it.

      Regards, Thomas.