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Brume 1.6 released !

A new version is available ! This time the new features are focused on shaders and terrain rendering.
But there are also many other additions. You will find the complete release note here :

Here is a summary of major changes :

3D Engine
- Main renderer was rewritten to support fast shader rendering

Terrain Engine
- Added support for brute force, ROAM and Geomipmapping terrain generation.
- Hardware Texture splatting & dynamic lighting with bumpmapping (HLSL shaders)
- Terrain collisions (using ODE trimesh for the moment). ... read more

Posted by Chris 2007-08-12

Tutorials added

I added tutorials for Brume 1.5 in the Download section.

Posted by Chris 2007-01-28

Brume v1.5 released !

This is a new major Brume release. Ice Cube and Pipo Framework were also updated.

Here are the changes :

- TriMesh physics support
- generation of collision shapes from a Mesh hierarchy
- Physics/collisions or just collisions for all Brume objects and Meshes
- OnCollision event added to BrumeObject
- added methods to move back on collision
- Possibility to attach invisible objects with collision shapes to existing objects (camera, ...)... read more

Posted by Chris 2007-01-20

Brume 1.4 released

This version fixes an issue with object picking and supports DirectX August SDK

Posted by Chris 2006-10-10

New Forum & Wiki

Hi !

We published a new phpBB2 Forum in order to replace the SourceForge Forum.
We also created a Wiki to help us to document the engine.

You can find everything here :
Forum :
Wiki :

Enjoy !

Posted by Chris 2006-10-06

Brume 1.3 & Ice Cube 1.0 release.

We are pleased to announce the first Ice Cube release.

Please read the "readme.txt" in the zip file for more information.

Brume was also upgraded to version 1.3 (mainly bug fixes during Ice Cube developement). It also supports DirectX June SDK.

Posted by Chris 2006-06-21

Brume 1.2 is out !

The new features include mirrors and water implementation (without shaders). We also added a new Dot3 Bump mapping sample and started to separate the engine from the DirectX API (we are preparing for MDX 2.0 integration).

Old tutorials were updated and new tutorials are also available. Visit our web site for more informations :

Posted by Chris 2006-01-17

New website !

The new website is up.
Tutorials coming soon...

Posted by Chris 2005-10-23

First tutorials available !

A new web site has been created and provides Brume first tutorials.

Just click on "Home Page" link or go to :

Posted by Chris 2005-07-07

Release 1.1 now available !

A new release is available.

This release includes new modules like physics, collisions, sound and skinned animations.

New tutorials are also available in the package. A web site will be up soon with detailed tutorial info.

Posted by Chris 2005-07-07


Thanks to Denis, the project is now starting ;o)

Posted by Chris 2005-02-12