BBQ now available for C#/other CLR languages

The first publicly available version of Browse-by-Query that works with C# and other languages that use Mono or the .NET runtime has been released. BBQ for C#/CIL will analyze your assemblies and gives you the same ability to query your code as BBQ for Java.

For more information about the powerful BBQ for C#/CIL query language, see the manual:

At this time, BBQ for C#/CIL does not support integration with an IDE, but expect Visual Studio integration support soon.


First public release of Browse-by-Query for Common Language
Runtime and mono code.

Works like BBQ for java-- except instead of giving it class
files or jars, you give it assemblies.

BBQ C#/CIL does not read assemblies directly; instead it
calls a disassembler and parses the IL assembly language
output. For Windows platforms, BBQ calls the ildasm
assembler that is part of the .NET SDK. For other
platforms, BBQ calls monodis. Either disassembler must be
present in your path when you run the jar for the BBQ
C#/CIL to analyze assemble files correctly.

When working on a Windows platform, if you tell it to
analyze a directory, it will assume the directory is the
top level of a Visual Studio solution and look for debug
assemblies in object dirs.

Posted by Michael MacDonald 2007-11-30