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Broadleaf Commerce 1.1.0 GA is now available!

Broadleaf Commerce 1.1.0 GA is now available for download at: Here's a list of some of the features and enhancements to the platform:

-Numerous bug fixes
-Faster getting started – launch and view the sample demo and admin in under 30 seconds!
-Simplified creating and launching the demo and admin when compiling from source
-CyberSource tax module
-CyberSource payment module
-USPS shipping price calculation module
-Supports the latest version of Spring (3.0.3)
-Security Enhancements (httpOnly cookie parameter, enhanced protection against authentication success and failure overrides, etc…)
-Enhanced project structure – better separation of concerns
-Enhanced documentation – more information and better search option

Posted by Jeff Fischer 2010-07-15