#25 help with g-stl

release 7.12
Sean Morrison
Peter Stoltz

Hi all,

I am trying to convert an iges file to an stl file. I used iges-g to convert first to a .g file (was this the correct thing to do?). Now I am trying g-stl to convert to stl, but I do not know what to give for the "object(s)" option (output below). Is there a way to query my .g file to find out the object names?

Thanks for any help,



[laptop ~] pstoltz% /usr/brlcad/rel-7.12.2/bin/g-stl -o my.stl myfile.g
Usage: /usr/brlcad/rel-7.12.2/bin/g-stl [-b][-v][-i][-xX lvl][-a abs_tess_tol][-r rel_tess_tol][-n norm_tess_tol]
[-D dist_calc_tol] [-o output_file_name.stl | -m directory_name] brlcad_db.g object(s)

[laptop ~] pstoltz%


  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

    That was the correct thing to do. After you ran iges-g, you end up with a ".g" file. That is the "brlcad_db.g" file that g-stl is asking your for. What you probably don't know is what object(s) you want to convert. That is what is missing from your usage line.

    Unlike some other modeling systems, BRL-CAD geometry database files can contain many many parts and assemblies. You have to tell it which one you want (even if there is only one). To find out what top-level objects are available, you can run the 'tops' command in mged. Via the command line, this is easily done with:

    mged -c brlcad_db.g tops

    That should list one or more objects that you can then use with g-stl (g-stl -o my.stl myfile.g whatever). Hope that helps!

  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

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