#5 Bigger, Better vi command line editing

Sean Morrison

Brought vi command line editing up to the same level as
commonly found in bash/ksh/etc.

Addition of many edit-mode commands

Addition of / and ? searches of command history.

files changed:

initialisation of new vi_state stucture members
slight change to command window text object
instantiation to allow use of text object's undo

Bulk of changes and additions.
Some changes to key bindings, and the addition of one
more input "mode"

Changes to hist_prev()/hist_next() to allow pattern
Addition of "hist cur" subcommand (returns current
history element)

Note1: There exists another file,
src/tclscripts/lib/Command.tcl, which also implements
much of what text.tcl implements, but as a class. It
seems unused, and I left it alone. If that class is or
should be used, I would happily consider updating it.

Note2: There is an implicit space at the end of lines
in the command window; this causes some slight
functionality differences. I was inclined to remove
it, for consistency reasons, but thought I should seek
input before doing so. It appears to be only a
programming convinience to do with the highlight
cursor. read: someone was lazy.

Note3: compiled/tested against 7.6.4.

Note4: tested rather thoroughly, but not completely
exhaustively. If bugs are encountered, I will gladly
assist in their rectification. You may add "swcto" to
the SourceForge project to facilitate this if you wish.


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  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

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    Thanks, the patch looks great! Big apologies on the response delay, it was a
    large patch to review and the Windows release has created quite a backlog.
    The only problem I noticed was a simple bug introduced on the hist_prev/
    hist_next where the pattern would be non-null but unset due to undefined
    behaviors causing a crash. Trivial to fix, though. Other than that, it looks
    good to go.

    The only curiosity/question I see is the removal/move of the <Return> and
    <Escape> bindings in text.tcl from set_text_key_bindings, which if I follow
    the patch correctly were basically fixed to behave more faithfully to vi (e.g.
    Escape was incorrectly not aborting in vi edit mode) and moved to a default
    start-up binding.

    Note1: the Command.tcl class is used by the follow on 'Archer' geometry
    editing/modeler interface (which hasn't become stable or been released yet
    for *nix platforms) which uses more of an object oriented design approach
    (hence the classes) and a completely different gui. So in short, it is being
    used just not quite so widely as mged just yet as it's under active
    development. We will be announcing that though as soon as all the cross-
    platform compilation issues get worked out.

    Note2: You are right on the money. Removing it would probably be a good
    thing if it still written to behave basically the same as one would expect
    consistently. Another idea worth considering is moving towards something
    like the editline library (libedit, a BSD licensed version of GNU Readline)
    though that is of course a much bigger change.

    Note3: Applied just fine to the latest sources (7.8.1)

    Note4: I haven't encountered any other bugs yet, but the interest in getting
    involved in the project is highly appreciated and desired. Feel free to stop by
    the #brlcad irc channel on the freenode network (irc.freenode.net:6667) and/
    or check out the HACKING file - which is basically the BRL-CAD Developer's
    Guide. As new devs are getting involved, I'd personally like to see more
    discussion and interaction focused on IRC as it's a lot more efficient and
    allows us to collaborate better from my experiences than the alternatives.
    Certainly not required, but definitely useful.

    Modal bindings for our modal editor is something I'm sure will be highly
    appreciated by many.. :-) Thanks again for your hard work; the patch will
    likely be distributed in 7.8.4 unless another bug or some other issue comes


  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

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    Re: moved key bindings.
    As I recall, Escape used to be aborting input mode
    correctly, but by happenstance. I had to add another edit
    mode for, hmmm... the mists of time..., for *something*!
    Some command submode that needed different bindings for some
    reason. Anyways, when the input modes became a bit more
    complex, the stateful changes to bindings had to become a
    bit more explicit.

    Re: duplicate CLE mode on Archer.
    Perhaps when it becomes more stable I'll propogate the vi
    command editing, hopefully in some fashion other than total

    Re: Note 2.
    I may just explore removing the implicit space, and or
    libedit if some spare time comes up.

    It was my pleasure doing this work; the last vi work I did
    (I'm a systems programmer) was fixing hairy multi-byte bugs
    in a multi-byted build for the Japanese version of Iterix...
    It was a nice change of vernacular, going from C to Tcl.
    And I've always liked Tcl anyways.



  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

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    Your changes are commited to CVS and should be in the next release of BRL-
    CAD (should be release 7.8.4). Thanks again, great work.. If you stop by
    #brlcad on irc.freenode.net (our primary IRC channel, http://irchelp.org if
    you've never used IRC before), we can talk more interactively about the
    changes and getting you better access to provide changes.

    Getting rid of that trailing space would indeed be a good thing to have
    regardless of a switch to libedit. That is especially useful because that little
    hack causes a couple of bugs in some specific situations where the tcl
    command line looses track of where the cursor should be and content ends
    up after the implicit space.

    In any regard.. good stuff. Cheers!

  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

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