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#265 [PATCH] Materials Database

Sean Morrison
Albert Coder

I have gone through the prior years' work(source code) on Materials Database. I have found a minor improvement which can be done. The present code for example the login page(and many other pages) redirects the user to brlcad.org for the required task but since the brlcad.org does not have this source code on its server at present, the desired contents are not displayed.

I have created a config.php file which has a variable "$siteUrl". By including this file wherever required the code starts working using the relative paths. I have tested this patchfile on various systems by applying this command "patch -p1 < material.patch".

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  • AFAIK material database has now been rewritten, so is there any need to review/apply this patch ? Same question goes for OGV (as that's also rewritten from scratch)

  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

    This patch may be overcome by events now, but should still be (very quickly) reviewed for correctness/perfection. If there are no problems with the patch whatsoever, it would still count as one of two needed to obtain commit privileges. If the patch is trivial, then I agree and it doesn't matter.