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Hi GCI Org Admins,

I want to apologize for some confusion especially for the newbies as there are a few things in Melange that are not quite clear and unfortunately we do not have these steps documented in the Melange User Guide yet (we are planning a doc sprint for Melange early next year and hope to have these steps clearly defined for you.)

  • You will need to set your tasks as "Publish" when you have them ready to go.  Right now they will be visibile to students (but they can claim them until Monday at 17:00 UTC) but in the next couple of hours we are pushing a new release of Melange where the tasks will be hidden from the public until Monday at 17:00 UTC.

  • As a Mentor assigned to a task, you will automatically receive notifications (emails) that a student is asking to claim a particular task (and all updated regarding that task- the student has a question, they have submitted the work for review, etc.). Please be sure to approve (or not if you feel there is a reason not to have the student work on the task) within 24 hours if possible. 

  •  Mentors can opt out of these notifications if they want but we highly recommend not to opt out. And this year, as requested at the Mentor Summit,  we gave org admins an option on the organization form to provide an email address to which we send all the notifications for that organization's tasks. We highly recommend to put a mailing list address that is accessible to all the mentors and org admins of their org there.

  • The general process of how a task that you have already published will then get claimed by a student is below:
    1. (Student) Sign in to your Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account, you can create one without charge from Google. If you already have a GMail address, you can just sign in to your GMail account.
    2. You'll need to sign up for a Melange Profile as well. You can do so as soon as you are logged in at You will need to attach your signed parental consent form and proof of enrollment in a pre-university program *before* your Melange Profile is complete.  After the profile has been successfully uploaded you can then Claim a Task.
    3. All the actions on the task from then on appear on the task public page. The following happens only after the Task is published, i.e. in the Open state
    • A student submits the action "Request to claim" the task along with an optional comment and waits for approval. The task moves to ClaimRequested state.
    • This locks down both the task and the student to the task, meaning:
    1. No other student can request to the claim the same task.
    2. The student cannot request to claim another task. If a student is already working on a task, they cannot request to claim any other task.
    • Organization Administrator or any Mentor of the organization (irrespective of being a mentor of that task) can do one of the following with an optional comment:
      1. Approve the request if it is valid and has met the requirements to start the task. The task moves to Claimed state.
      2. Reject the request if the request is invalid, irrelevant or a spam. The task moves to Reopened state.
    • If the claim request is accepted the deadline is set as specified by the 'time to complete' field and the clock starts to tick. The student begins their work on the task.
    1. If the student completes the work set out by the task before the deadline, they can submit the work by posting a comment along with the URL to the work. Note that either the comment or the URL field is mandatory. The task changes the state to NeedsReview.
    2. If the deadline passes with the student submitting no work, the deadline is automatically extended for another 24 hours. The task changes in state to ActionNeeded and the notification is sent to all the subscribers who have requested to be notified of changes including the student if they have subscribed. 
    3. If the student fails to submit the work after the extended deadline, the task will be automatically re-opened and the task status will be set to Reopened.
    4. One of the Mentors of the task reviews the submitted work. The mentor can take one of the following actions:
      • If the mentor is satisfied by the student's work they choose the action to "Close the task" along with an optional comment thereby marking the task as closed. The task moves to one of AwaitingRegistration or Closed. See more details below. 
      • If the mentor is not satisfied with the work but thinks that it requires rework and the student can fix it, they will choose the action "Needs More Work" with an optional comment. At this juncture the mentor has the option to extend the deadline for the student. The task status moves to NeedsWork. The cycle goes back to the point where the student has to submit their work again.
      • If the Mentor is completely unsatisfied with the student's work they will re-open the task. The task changes the state to Reopened. The new cycle with the same/another student requesting to claim the task begins.
    • The student can withdraw from the task at any point in this entire workflow after they request to claim the task. In such a case the task returns to Reopened state.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.  

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