On Nov 27, 2012, at 2:18 AM, Daniel Roßberg wrote:

Please, don't add me to the tracker mailing list.

No worries there!  :)  I wasn't proposing that adding folks to the mailing list but, rather, adding all mentors to each open task.  After having worked with the site for a few days, though, I think I'll just leave it up for everyone to either add yourselves or just follow the list in your own way.

I see that Harmanpreet has jumped in and started responding to the requests -- that's perfect, thanks.  Basically, if you see a request to claim a task, they can be assigned as quickly as possible.  Similarly, if they ask a question, anyone is welcome to answer.

If they complete a task, that's where we're going to have the round-robin assignments to review them.  We already have several needing review.  My response has been to not hesitate setting the task to "needs more work" if there's anything incomplete about the task the first time around.  The second time it's reviewed, I check if the task was sufficiently accomplished (which is largely determined by whether they put 2+ hours into the task).