#11 .cnc, .nc files conversion

Major Effort

It would be great to have the conversion of the project
in files used by cnc machine. A dream? maybe...or
maybe not.
I hope very much to have this software (brl),to make my
own project (rc model) and to give the files to a
friend of mine, who is able to use cnc machine. Result:
a perfect built rc model frame!


  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

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    Not so much of a dream. There have been several groups interested in such an
    application of BRL-CAD to cnc machining processes and other CAM interest also.
    What we're in lack of right now is developer access/support to make the
    modifications. When we get a developer that has access to a cnc machine and
    that is interested in working more on this, we should be able to progress this
    request forward more easily. Folks interested in contributing to this are more
    than welcome to join in and code up the modifications. The foundations for it are
    pretty much already in place from a holistic software package perspective.

  • AchiestDragon

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    ok so not a direct one package solution but
    from what i gather you can export the brlcad to autocad dxf
    most of the cnc programs i have seen will import a autocad dxf
    format and it can then be saved as a cnc .nc flie

    you may be better importing to autocad or dxf editor to check
    scale and cutting paths before committing it to the cnc machine

    i have noted that doing the same with blender leaves some
    unwanted cutting paths basicly it would do a good job but cut a
    big cross out at full depth making a pile of scrap because it
    keeps in the reference lines , so in the case of blender these
    would need to be edited out before machining

    hope that i have less truble with brlcad for this


  • Lee Butler
    Lee Butler

    • milestone: --> Major Effort
    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

    • priority: 3 --> 2
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

    We're quite a bit closer now that our new NURBS support is stabilizing, but there are still a few critical components before we can (easily) tackle CNC/gcode export. Boolean evaluation of NURBS on NURBS geometry is one such component. After that is completed (unknown timeframe, but being worked), it becomes trivially possible to output spline contours, which would be a good start for a cnc export.

  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

    Given this feature request is technically provided via STL and DXF formats (as they are a common CNC input format, I'm inclined to close this feature request out.

    We're still heading in a direction that will support direct conversion of our format to the gcode format, but that's still not likely going to happen this year without someone working dedicated to the project (which at present nobody is). Until we're at least a year close to the feature being easily feasible, it's too big a task to track here. Revisiting this tracker over and over keeps the idea in mind, but also consumes resources to continually revisit.

    I've added the item to our TODO file so we have a record of it.

  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

    • status: open-later --> closed-later