Getting Started with Archer on OS X 10.9.2

  • P. K. Andersen
    P. K. Andersen

    I recently downloaded and installed BRL-CAD/MGED 7.24.0 on my iMac, which is running OS 10.9.2 "Mavericks". I am working through Tutorial Volume II, and have been impressed by the capabilities of BRL-CAD.

    Several questions:

    (1) Is a version of Archer available for OS X 10.9?

    (2) If Archer is available for OS X, how can I get running on my system?

    (3) Is there a tutorial that covers Archer?


    • Sean Morrison
      Sean Morrison

      Hi! Thanks for the questions. Archer is available (and included in the BRL-CAD you have installed), but we don't yet recommend it for non-developer use.

      If you really want to check it out, you can right-click the MGED application icon and browse the contents/resources folder and edit the script that launches MGED, and change it to launching "archer" instead. If those instructions are entirely unfamiliar or sound confusing, then I definitely don't recommend trying.

      That said, archer is being designed to be very familiar. If you know/learn mged, most of the concepts and even most of the same commands are still available. Most of the improvements are to the GUI where you can use the mouse for a lot more interactive editing than is possible with mged.

      Again, as enticing as that may sound (or not), it's really only in a preliminary release stage as we still have a lot of kinks to work out.