Query Ray cannot find region

  • Brian

    have a large assembly of primitives (*.s), regions (*.r), groups, larger groups, etc.

    I wanted to display all the regions, so I did a "B *.r" and I can now see everything, but if I do query ray I get:

    Firing from (5635.277528, 1195.329334, 2362.383769)...
    db_lookup(router) failed: router does not exist
    db_string_to_path() of 'router' failed on 'router'
    db_walk_tree: warning - router not found.
    arb(antenna_unit_contents.s1): face 1234[3] non-planar, dot=0.105987
    arb(antenna_unit_contents.s1): face 1562[3] non-planar, dot=0.0708636
    db_walk_tree: 1 item not found.
    rt_gettrees() failed

    Any explanation of why it's working this way?

    Also, is there any way to select a face of an object or a corner and get coordinates?  i.e. I want the front, right, bottom corner of a box, can I get info on it with a mouse click?  (I've been using query ray to get this info by shooting the side of a box that I wanted the X, Y, or Z for…)