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tcl stack trace

  • How do I get brlcad to display the tcl stack trace with an error? When running tcl outside of brlcad this always happens, but inside brlcad, only the error message is displayed. I really need the stack trace information to figure out where the error is.


  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

    Hm, that depends on several factors such as what type of error is being encountered.  You can try to set the bu_debug variable  on the mged command line to get different diagnostic behavior.

    # request a core file during abort, can feed to gdb for debugging after mged exits */
    set bu_debug 0x00000001

    # request a stack trace during bomb calls
    set bu_debug 0x00000040

    # wait for a debugger to attach during bomb calls
    set bu_debug 0x00000080

    Alternatively, you can run mged from within gdb to get the stack trace on demand:

    gdb -args mged
    # then at the gdb> prompt:
    break bu_bomb
    break exit