ubuntu 11.10 - icewm menu won't invoke mged

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    I am just getting back to ubuntu Linux after many years.

    A fellow amateur operator KB1OIQ has a ubuntu 11.10 (previous remix-12) distribution for HAM operators
    here at sourceforge if you want to virtualize it to verify.

    I like that it uses simpler icewm window manager due to size and speed of HP 1125 Netbook

    I have been able to add other CAD and graphics applications but can't get brlcad-mged working in menu

    I compiles it from source for practice by following instructions

    I modified /etc/externals for including /usr/brlcad/dev-7.22.0/bin/ and so mged works from terminal

    I copied BRL-CAD/brlcad-7.22.0/misc/debian/brlcad-mged.png to /usr/share/icons/

    Finally from sudo /etc/X11/icewm/programs I added following line to make menu choice available

    prog "BRL CAD"  /usr/share/icons/brlcad-mged.png mged

    Icon with menu choice shows so syntax and executable are correct
    Are any options needed ?